"Leave no one behind" projekt with 1UP and many more. 100% of the income is donated
.to sea-watch .


Iam proud to be part of the first release from the new X series by spandau20. We made a motion design concept for each track, with it's own visual world and movement. 

digitally available now, vinyl coming on 14.07 .

A1 @riftstagram - Cuteness Overload
A2 @j.manuel.werk - Flowers Forever
B1 @fjaak - Keep On Moving
B2 @claus_schoening - Intra


Visual design for dajusch stagetime at the Spandau20 live Set.

It all started with a team of 18 students from the Faculty of Design in Würzburg that planned a multi-screen demonstration. It ended up being something completely new, something unpredicted.




Absolute darkness. A spark appears out of nowhere. Amorphous, luminous objects appear, snake over canvases, occupy the space. A deep bass, the field of view explodes. The spectator witnesses, becomes part of the creation. Worlds arise and are destroyed. Light, shadow and sound form the space, lift it, re-integrate it. Viewing habits are questioned and reversed. Suddenly nothing is left, and everything is possible. The viewer is taken on a riotous journey through new universes. Out of nowhere, back to nothing - NULL PLUS ULTRA.

23.07.2015 - The day when 1300 spectators were able to experience a polymediale trip by means of optional realities in the so called "Posthalle" in Würzburg. The visitor was taken on a journey through image and sound worlds, normal viewing habits were questioned, the world was dissolved and reassembled, the story of an optional reality was told.


visuals for the techno event series kontur, all eyes and others.





I had the idea to combine Corporate Design with a fashion label. I tried to set up Ahoi like a real brand, when it was actually just an experiment. It helped me a lot to understand the usage of Corporate Design in its full extent. The Promotion included a Facebook advertising video and fashion photography. The first collection is already sold out.



We decided to start with a big commercial campaign that includes some posters, spots and social media content.

project with

luisa wolf

& selina sterzl

We developed an entire brand concept to our fictional Corporation called »dyve«. The nucleus of the concept is to offer an "Whole Life Soundsystem" which consists of different products. A special configurator gives the customer the opportunity to individualize and personalize their own speaker.



In our daily lives we constantly have to make decisions. While some of these decisions are small and need to be made every day, others are big and can have an impact on our future that is not to be underestimated. As we, Tilman and me, noticed many people in our society have difficulties making these decisions.

bachelor thesis

with tilman bechtold

With our Bachelor thesis we wanted to explain and point out the different kinds of problems one can have while making a decision. Regardless of whether it seems to be a small and simple decision or a life changing one. Furthermore, we tried to convey the feeling people have when they are having trouble to decide on something.

After all the research was done and all the conversations we had with different kinds of people, we decided to make an Interactive Movie Concept - you decide.



The external impact and the advertising are the biggest weaknesses of the "Deutsche Bahn AG". Bad service and constant delays have a negative effect on their image. That's were we wanted to start. We made an image video for the "Deutsche Bahn AG", highlighting the advantages of their greatest weakness, the frequent delays.

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